04 November 2012

Today I decided to revamp my OpenNebula’s demo environment and tought it would be a good idea to share some information on how I set it up>

Access to demo environment is restricted to authorized people only at time of writing. It might become public in the near future so make sure you come back!

The URLs

Link Description
OpenNebula Cloud Operations Center Sunstone interface. For administrators and power users. Allows configuration of users, groups, ACLs, hosts, clusters, datastores, networks, templates, etc. For more information, refer to Sunstone documentation".
OpenNebula Self-Service Portal OCCI Server. For regular users. Simple interface to upload and run images. For more information, refer to Self-service documentation".
OpenNebula Zones Ozones Server. Allows for the centralized management of multiple instances of OpenNebula (zones). These zones can be effectively shared through the Virtual DataCenter (VDC) abstraction. For more information, refer to Ozones documentation".
OpenNebula EC2 Query Interface Econe Server. For command line access or browsers plugins like [HybridFox](http://code.google.com/p/hybridfox/). For more information, refer to EC2 Query documentation".
Please note that you have to use version 1.7.000200 available here to avoid the "DescribeSecurityGroups feature is not supported" error on the "Images" tab.

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