24 August 2013

If you are already familiar with Markdown and would like to try other frameworks, here are some on my list!

  • Hexo, written in Node.js. Here are some of the features described on the website.
    • Incredibly fast - generate static files in a glance
    • Markdown support
    • Deploy to GitHub Pages & Heroku with only one command
    • Ported Octopress plugins
    • High extendibility & customizability
    • Compatible with Windows, Mac & Linux
  • Ruhoh, from the author of Jekyll Bootstrap
    • Markdown for writing.
    • Mustache for templating.
    • Git for file management.
    • Command-line for everything.
    • Open Source MIT license.
    • Automatic hassle-free hosting
    • Full-Control Multiple self-hosting options.

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